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Hold On To These Four Things...

As-Salaam alaikum,

To be successful in this worldly life and life in the Hereafter, get to know and firmly hold on to these 4 vital things, namely:--

(1) There is nothing that can oppose the Power of Allah, Tabaraka Wa Ta'ala.

(2) Allah Ta'ala has knowledge of everything.

(3) Allah is very tender and the Most Merciful.

(4) Allocations of Allah are good.

Contemplate the meanings of these 4 things/issues... be truthful in your turning to Allah, and do not turn to anything that does not concern you. Holding on to these 4 principles increases our himma (spiritual striving) and establish us in the station of reliance on Allah, yearning, acceptance and love of Allah and His Decrees.


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