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Hajj And The Future Of Saudi Royals

Some 2 million Muslims from all over the world are converging on the Haramain to perform the Hajj, the assembly of the united Ummah that is also the greatest act of personal ibadah that any Muslim can perform. The Muslims that come to perform the Hajj come from every part of the world and from all sectors of the Ummah, to stand together in the same simple clothes, resembling the shroud in which we will one day be buried, standing equal before the Creator regardless of their wealth, power and social standing, and praying for forgiveness for their past deeds and errors. At least, that is how the Hajj is supposed to be.

The reality, unfortunately, is often all too different. For one thing, there is now little opportunity for Muslims from around the world to meet and mingle as a single Ummah, as the organization of the Hajj keeps them apart and they are encouraged to arrive as late as possible and leave as quickly as possible after the Hajj. While many Muslims make huge sacrifices to come to perform the Hajj, for other it is like a luxury holiday, as they use their wealth to purchase facilities and indulgences that separate them from the bulk of the Ummah, who are all too often exploited and abused by local officials, guides and tradesmen whose greatest honour should be to assist them. The fact that many of these hujjaj see these hardships as part of the test of the Hajj, and do not allow them to spoil what remains a remarkable spiritual journey for them, does not change the fact that the Hajj is routinely hugely mismanaged by the Saudi authorities responsible for it.

Even more serious than this is the fact that, under Saudi management, huge parts of the Hajj have been abandoned and virtually forgotten. The symbolism of the journey from Makkah to Mina and Arafat, as the march of the great army of Islam, has been largely replaced by personal religiosity. When Muslims gather stones at Muzdalifah and fling them at the shaitans at Mina, the stones represent the weapons of the Islamic armies, being wielded against the three jamarat, which represent not only Shaitan in the abstract but the shaitans in the world today. Also largely forgotten, linked to this, is the Qur’anic command that Muslims must proclaim their dissocaition from the mushrikeen at the time of Hajj (al-Qur’an 9:3). This is a command that had huge significance when it was revealed in the ninth year of the Hijrah, and is just as significant in the modern world that is dominated by the powers of kufr and their puppets in the Muslim world.

It is hardly surprising that the current Saudi regime prefers that these elements of the Hajj be forgotten. But they should know, as all Muslims should, that the Ummah awaits the day when, insha’Allah, the Hijaz is liberated and the Hajj can insha’Allah be performed properly, as it should be and as it was in the days of the Prophet, may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. (Muslimedia)



as salam alykom

la hawla wala qowata ila billah

I am not sure if u personally went for haj and experienced this or just throwing accusations for which u will be held accountable.

Brother/sister I advice u to really consider what u post specially when it involves others.

Only one thing might be of concern which is the limited number of visas the authorities are given now.

Apart from that Mash a Allah, they spare no time, effort, money to develop the sites of the ritual. They even learn from tragic events that happen to further imrove the level of security. Sobhan Allah some people just like to talk

we are responsible for our words u know.


Quote:Apart from that Mash a Allah, they spare no time, effort, money to develop the sites of the ritual. They even learn from tragic events that happen to further imrove the level of security. Sobhan Allah some people just like to talk
we are responsible for our words u know.

If the symbolic 'pump and show' is the criteria for sincerity - Then Saddam Hussain even surpassed the Saudi royals. He not only built great Islamic monuments (Qur'an Museum, etc.), but also great churches (Central Baptist curch in Baghdad).

However, one should not be fooled by their propaganda. The greatest tragedy the Saudi royals brought on Islam is the elimination of the 'political significance' of Hajj and the mass propagation of sectarianism. - which is second largest among the Arab countries after Zionist's.

Have ever studied their family background and their treason against Khilafat and their rise to power under the protection Kuffars - the British Imperialism?

Wa Salaam.



as salam alykom

I am not in any way discussing all aspects of their rule.

As for the short duration hajiis turned to consume in the land, take in consideration the development of transportation. In other words, the journey which used to consume 3 months, at that time people had the luxury to take this time off their schedule, now only takes 2 - 4 hours depending on the point of origin. Yet their still poor poeple who go for haj walking from parts of the world like Bangladesh and the like.

Brother /sister, we are not to sit and accuse people specially when it comes to backgrounds. They do have their faults yes, but we can not trash their efforts.


Quote:Brother /sister, we are not to sit and accuse people specially when it comes to backgrounds. They do have their faults yes, but we can not trash their efforts.

It seems you missed my point - as usual.

Muslims are brutalised almost everywhere. Yet not only does the Saudi regime forbid demonstrations to proclaim dissociation from the mushrikeen, but their court-ulama refuse to discuss any of the burning issues of the day in their khutbahs in Masjid al-Haram or in Masjid al-Nimra (Arafat) on the day of Hajj. Is the Muslim Ummah satisfied with its present condition? Are there no killings and rapes going on in Ichkeria (Chechnya), Kashmir Palestine or elsewhere? Why are the cries of Muslim women and children not answered from the plains of Arafat? Why are Muslims not allowed to plead their case before Allah in His House? Who decides what Muslims should or should not discuss during Hajj? By what authority do the Saudis prevent Muslims from seeking Allah's help?

The Qur'an says that Muslims should seek benefits from Hajj (22:28). Have the Muslims of Palestine, Bosnia, Kosova, Kashmir or Ichkeria benefited from Hajj in the last 50 years? The occasion is deliberately wasted because the people who have seized the Haramain and the 'Muslim regimes' insist on reducing every aspect of the deen to ritual. The Saudis did not occupy the Haramain by chance; there is a long and sordid history behind it. The British were behind their usurpation of the Arabian peninsula early in the last century, and the US has maintained them in power since, not because the Americans love them but because they can be used as a cash-cow. The Saudis have also helped keep the price of oil artificially low, the present round of long-overdue price-increases notwithstanding.

This brings us to the question of what the Muslim Ummah should do. The first thing is to develop a better understanding of the present reality. The fact is that it is occupied by the the Americans and the zionists. The Saudi regime is merely a front for their nefarious designs. Unless Muslims come to grips with this harsh reality, they will not be able to take the next step, which is to struggle to get rid of them. And if we fail in this task, the degree of control of the kuffar over the Haramain may reach even more unacceptable levels; the example of al-Quds is before us.


i can't help but feel uneasy... but, don't you think such sentiments will cause the disunity of the ummah? i long to go for hajj too, i'm in a waiting list -- 3 years more, insya Allah. i can understand the long wait, as obviously millions & milions of Muslims around the world want to do hajj too... so to accomodate all of them at one time, the limited area might not be possible. it might even be dangerous -- stampeding / suffocation can occur (as in the past have). so I believe the Saudis are just protecting the pilgrims' safety, in a way...

so that's why people can't go as they like. they will have to go by stages, systematically to serve all muslims worldwide... i think that's understandable.

& i understand why if the Saudis want pilgrims enter late & leave early (if that's the case), coz most governments & nations are careful of foreigners in the land. a sudden influx of foreigners, in a long period of time, without control might cause some diplomatic & immigration issues i think. i believe they have their credible reason. but when pilgrims too have credible reason to stay much later, usually the Saudi will let them stay. i've heard cases of it. [Image: smile.gif]

i once worked at LTH, a financial institution mainly to provide systematic service from hajj pilgrims in my country. the ppl are mostly excited to perform hajj, & never heard such complaints before... most go happily, wanting to seek Allah's Forgiveness; & they do the Hajj rituals, guided by clerics.

i heard a lecture once, the clerics said there in Mecca, yes, u'll see many people doing many ways of rituals -- most ppl think it's the different mazhab. but the cleric said, there's no such thing, & tell what is right & wrong to do -- following the Quran & Sunnah. basically, i myself don't know much how to do hajj, (it's gonna be my first time) -- so i just try to learn & also depend on my family (who had performed hajj) & the cleric's guidance. the clerics are very experienced in hajj, as they guide & take care of the pilgrim groups all through hajj mostly every year. so I trust Allah to be in safe hands & guidance. whatever, maybe best to seek refuge & guidance from Allah, i think.

& yes, it's true pilgrims under hajj institutions do have better facilities than people who go on their own selves, but that's just because they go in a very large group... the resources are pooled, so people share & can afford the accomodations together. if other pilgrims want the same, they can. just be pro-active & pool the resources -- design a financial-institution to serve for a systematic hajj in ur country & ur all set, insya Allah.

& i believe the Guidance of Allah will Guide if we ask, insya Allah. if I do something wrong, I hope He'll Guide me & muslim friends... i hope u & every pilgrims & me will have a Hajj Mabrur.. [Image: smile.gif]


Assalamu aleikum,

What you write Honeycomb makes so much sense. It IS understandable that not all pilgrims can come at one time. Alhamdulillah we are sooooo many [Image: biggrin.gif] .

So it has to be organized also to give safety and to have accomodations for them who do come.

Insha'Allah you and all others going to Mecca to fulfill the 5th pillar of Islam will have an accepted and successful Hajj.




as salam alykom

In case u missed it sisters

full english manual to Haj Insh a Allah u may even print out and distribute around your local masjeds



Sobhan Allah, I really hate such accusations, I went to Hajj last year and everything was okay, and the rituals we did were according to Quran and Sunna, and everybody there were so friendly, I really dont know where does Rehmat brings his ideas from, the saudi governement did all facilities possible for the hujjaj, and it did not prevent any from staying more or coming earlier, there are people who go to hajj starting from after ramadan and they stay there for 3 months and the saudi governement gives them the visa for that, and every year after the ending of the hajj season, they start making plans for rennovation and more facilities for next year to ease hajj on pilgrimige. many hujjaj come alone without a group, and they sleep in the streets and the saudi governement does not prevent them from that, i saw them and passed by many, they are even helped and given food and medication, and it does its best to help them, so it is there fault if they are not served well or dont have good accomodations. What I know that if I have enough money to go then okay, I will, if not then why should I go and throw myself into Tahluka, that is what many are doing, but still the saudi's are accepting them and not refusing their entrance. How they came to rule is another issue, and what they are doing to serve the hujjaj is another thing, and judging them should be left to Allah and not to us human beings.



Quote: Assalamu aleikum,
What you write Honeycomb makes so much sense. It IS understandable that not all pilgrims can come at one time. Alhamdulillah we are sooooo many [Image: biggrin.gif] .


To cater for the increasing numbers of hajjis, why do the Saudis not knock down the near-by hotels and re-build them further away so more pilgrims can be catered for?

I feel the Saudis "bend over backwards" at time of hajj so they can make the ummah realise that they are the custodians of the two masjids, even though they bought blood to the 2 masajids!


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