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Hajar may Allah be Pleased with her


As salam alykom

Whever I go for Umrah, Haj or even during the season, I cannt help to remember andn ponder on her situation. Hajar the pious wife who immediately obeyed her husband. not only obey but assured him that since leaving her and her infant behind in the desert was Allah's Command, then she is certain that Allah Shall never abandon them. To that extend she had full belief that Allah in order to show her rank, made her shuttling between safa and marwa looking for water for her infant part of Ummra and Haj rituals. Sobhan Allah, if we women ponder on her attitude we will learn a lot.

The learn lessons Insh a Allah I will try to take it to women and family

There are lessons in it not just for the sisters, but for the brothers too.... Actually there are lessons for everyone! SubhanAllah! May Allah reward her and grant her a place closest to Him in Jannah, and mey He help us all learn from her example and follow and inshaAllah benefit from it. Ameen.


Ameeeeeeeeen Ya Rab




Thinking of Hajar again, may Allah be pleased with her.


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