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Haj and Eid signs


as salam alykom

I feel very happy for those who went for Haj, specially when one suddenly, without pre arrangement finds him/herself being sent. A friend of mine is looking after her old father who is also an Alzheimer patient. To her Haj was out of question, suddenly somone came almost at last moment to tell her that she might have a chance thru the government which is also in a very reasonable cost. She kept consulting if she should go, people at Fatwa committee told her yes. The best part is that she asked her father, who highly encouraged her, not only this, she also felt a 360 degree improvement in his condition. Her husband and children will be looking after him while she is gone. I was soooo happy for her. Another colleauge who suddenly Mash aAllah received an invitation from the Ministry of Haj in Saudia, I almost cried when he called me to say salam. May Allah Accept from all of them ameen.

Meanwhile, streets are full of troops of sheep, Sobhan Allah, grocery stores are displaying (Ruqaq), a special type of filo that is usually cooked for eid. It is soaked in soup, then filled with cooked minced meet and ghee, and then cooked in the oven.

May Allah Allow us to benefit of those blessed times ameen and may Allah Forgive our sins tomorrow along with those who are standing on Arafa.



Sobhan Allah, no matter how many times you read, listen to the story of Ibraheem and Ismail prayer and peace be upon both of them during the slaughter trial, you still get extremely emotional.



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