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Funeral Processions


as salam alykom Intuition I didnt ignore or forget your question, what I know is that there is a chain of who to wash. To be sure I will look into the arabic fiqh sunnah I have and translate it for u Insh a Allah, because the english online does not have this part [Image: ph34r.gif]



as salam alykom

Nasrah I check fiqh assunah and found out one hadeeth stating to seek trusted Muslims for the process of ghusl.

Also according to a will model I remember looking at it is for one to state in the will who he/she would like to have for this step. Like one can identify someone in particular for this.


Asalamalaykum Dearest Muslimah

Jezekelah khayr for looking into what I asked about, I know your not the kind of person who ignores people ya muslimah.[Image: wub.gif]

I actually read through everything you posted , lucky me I found the answers in your post.

here are the answers:

10. In case of a female, a woman who is very closely related to her should give bath to her dead body. If she is unable to do so, then some other pious and religious woman should do it.

8. A wife is allowed to give bath and shroud her dead husband, but if the wife dies then the husband is not allowed even to touch her body. However, he can see her after death and touch her with a covered hand.

See I didn't even know this, alhamdulilah. Or else I would select my husband to be the first person to wash me.

Alhamdulilah for learning



as salam alykom Intuition

I knew it was there but didnt want 2 sort of say that directly [Image: ph34r.gif] as I said it was under bathing. I understand about the husband issue Sobhan Allah just moments make things different. [Image: sad.gif]


Assalamu'alaikum W.B.T. [Image: smile.gif]

what's sad is after the current Asian Tsunami tragedy, some parts that's mostly hit now saw thousands of the dead lay everywhere, decomposing with heavy stench. incapable to give a descent funeral for all the many victims, i saw on TV they shoved them into a big mass grave with a bulldozer. a local said, this isn't a descent funeral, it's like burying thrash... it's so sad... [Image: sad.gif]

but because of the stench, & fear of disease, they had to bury them quickly...

if you know, what does islam say on this?



as salam alykom HC

Actually I have no idea about this situation but we might all check

Inna lillah wa inna elayhee rajeoun



And where is Nasra, we haven't seen her for a long time, we miss her :wub:



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