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Friends of

Friends of

We here at My Islam Web would like to extent a great offer to our friends at other sites!!

Join us so that we can all spread Islam into the hearts of many and share our sites with each other so that our members can see what sites are available to have the ability to meet other Muslims, explore the vast information that is available to us in ISLAM!!!

It’s quite easy…..hyper link us at your site and we will do the same so that your site can reach millions!!!

Just contact Al-Fateh by personal message (PM)

Then post our link on your site

And we will do the same for your site!!!

here is a small demo on how it will look

Please contact me for any further information




as salam alykom fateh, sorry for the late reply. I m always for cooperation between sites, that is why I asked u once if u are aiming to promote a site, but for some kind of reason u got upset. Insh a Allah I will talk to the web master about it and see how we can do it, either on the board or the home page and let u know. Jazakum Allah khairan for the offer.



please let me know

there is already 2 friends on the list now

feel free to check it and get back with me



and we can add you to our site too sister muslimah like we added brother Al Fateh .

Itd actually one of the best ideas for us forums who have less traffic then the more Bigger forums like Ummah , Gawaher , shiachat etc. .

Shukran akhi Al-fateh again.


also if you know of any other sites please dont hesitate to mention them

this way we can develop a bigger islamic network



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