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Flowers blooming in Palestine


Praise be to Allah, The All Knowing, Lord of the Worlds and Earths, and prayer and peace be upon Our beloved teacher, leader and Prophet Mohamed Ibn Abdu Allah best among mankind.

“And say not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah, "They are dead." Nay, they are living, but you perceive (it) not.” (Quran 2:154)

“Think not of those who are killed in the Way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision” (Quran 3:169)

“Narrated under the authority of Abdullah Ibn Amr said, Abdullah Ibn Amr said O Messenger of Allah tell me about Jihad and invasion, he said O Abdullah Ibn Amr, if you fight while being patient and dedicating your fight to Allah, Allah Shall resurrect you patient and devout, whereas if you fight seeking people’s attention and personal credit and praise, Allah Shall resurrect you as such, O Abdullah Ibn Amr whatever attitude you adopt while fighting or when you are killed Allah Shall resurrect you on the same status“ (reported by Sunan Abi Dawoud)

Looking around me lately, I see people became so much attached and involved in gaining worldly affairs. I saw youth much taken by their desires for undergraduate, post graduate studies, their extensive efforts to secure a senior position no matter what it takes them to get it, laying their focus on a house, summer house, cars…etc. No I am not pessimistic, on the other hand Alhamdulelah I still see those who dedicated their free time, effort even cars or whatever resources they can come up with to serve Allah in any way they can.

But we still need more, specially from the youth who are the hope of this Ummah. Families meanwhile, not all of them of course, really lack the essence of Islamic upbringing.

We seriously need youth role model, not only from the past generations, generations of Sahaba and Tab`yeen. No but from the modern time. Do we have this? Yes we do.

Let us have a look on young girls who sat up a goal for their lives. One that is totally different from their peers, one that is not associated with rose dreams, prince charming, wedding dress..etc. But one that is associated with how to be closer to Allah. Let us see how they realized that life is not but a short trip, how they realized the value of time and skills, the value of being a Muslim.

Amidst the suffering our Ummah is experiencing currently, I thought to bring back to our minds the young girls who grew up in Palestine under occupation, seeing all the humiliation, the lack of the simplest human rights, the lack of dignity, and the aggressor who is taking up Muslim land. How did they react? What did they do?

They chose to meet Allah as Martyrs Insh a Allah, they chose the shortest course to Allah, they realized the value of fighting in the name of Allah, they realized the importance of taking away the aggressor’s security, depriving the enemy from sleep and comfort, they decided to take action a serious one that all of us wish to take.

Insh a Allah we will cover them one by one, and may Allah Sobhanhu wa Ta`ala Accept them as martyrs and shower His mercy upon their families ameen.

Dareen Abu Aaysha (22 years old)

Performer of the Martyrdom operation carried on a Zionist barrier near Ram Allah

On 27/2/2002

Dareen daughter of the Islamic block who searched for martyrdom and became the second on that area

Dareen was 22 years old and a student on her 4th year at Al Najah university. She lived in Bayt Wazn village at Nablus city North of the West Bank and was one of a family of 8 sisters and 2 brothers.

She carried out a martyrdom operation on the evening of Wednesday 27/2/2002 in front of a Zionist barrier in the West Bank. The operation resulted into the injury of 3 Israeli soldiers, the martyrdom of the implementer of the operation and two other Palestenians who accompanied her.

Dareen was not just an ordinary girl, but rather an active girl within the Islamic block affiliated with Al Najah university. She was a devout Muslim who enjoyed good manners and morale. These were the words of her sister Ebtesam.

Ebtesma her sister added:” The martyrdom of Waf-a Edress was not per se the motive behind Dareen’s thinking of martyrdom. But rather she was expressing her wish since more than one year to carry out a martyrdom operation. Thus she kept looking for a body to prepare her for such an operation”.

Ebtesam said:” At one time Dareen met with Jamal Mansour one of the leaders with the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas who Israel assassinated in August 2001. She requested from him to join the Military Wing of Hamas and expressed her wish to carry out a martyrdom operation”. Ebtesam continued:” But she didn’t find Hamas as welcoming as she hoped. Martyr (Insh a Allah) Jamal told her:” When we run out of men we will start putting you girls to martyrdom operations”.

According to Ebtesam, Dareen was not convinced. She never stopped talking about martyrs and martyrdom. She even took much part in funerals of martyrs and marches.

On a video tape in which Dareen appeared before carrying out the operation, she confirmed” That she decided to become the second martyr after Wafa-a Edrees in order to revenge for the blood of all those who were killed and the violation of the sanctity of Masjed Al Aqsa”.

She also added that the Palestinian woman was and still occupies a front position in the area of Jihad and resistance. Calling on the Palestinian women to continue on the road of martyrs she said:” Let Sharon the coward knows that every Palestinian woman shall give birth to an army of martyrs. She will not just stand there crying over her son, brother or husband. But she will turn into a martyr”.

Her mother commented saying:” she left without saying good buy to me. Yet I didn’t observe any unusual behaviour on that day. All what I remember is that when she came home on Wednesday noon she said to me O mother how delicious is your cooking that smells so good”.

According to her mother, Dareen on the previous night of the operation spent the time praying Qiyamul Layl and reciting Quran till Fajr time. The mother also added: “Although Dareen was very religious who never abandons reciting Quran, voluntary fasting or praying Qiyamul Layl, but on that particular night before her martyrdom, she increased her religious activity. She left home fasting without saying good buy to me”.

Her sister added saying:” Upon leaving the house, she said I am going to buy a book and came back after sometime. After that she left without letting us know where to”. At 10.00 PM she called on the phone and told us don’t worry about me, I will come back Insh a Allah, don’t worry and just depend on Allah and in the morning I will be there”. These were her last words to me and my mother.

Ebtesam confirms that Dareen was not originally a member of either Fath or Al Aqsa Brigades. She was one of the most active students of the Islamic Block of Al Najah university. She continued explaining:” As soon as she received the disapproval of Hamas, Dareen found with Al Aqsa Brigades those who can fulfill her wish. They prepared her for a martyrdom operation. Al Aqsa Brigades which is the military wing of Fath Movement declared responsibility about the martyrdom operation.

At this point I like all of you to read what Dareen wrote down as her will, let us see together what she left for us to learn.

Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

Prayer and peace be upon master of Mujahedeen sayeduna Mohamed Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him:

Allah Ta`la Say:” So their Lord accepted of them (their supplication and answered them), "Never will I allow to be lost the work of any of you, be he male or female. You are (members) one of another, so those who emigrated and were driven out from their homes, and suffered harm in My Cause, and who fought, and were killed (in My Cause), verily, I will remit from them their evil deeds and admit them into Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise); a reward from Allah, and with Allah is the best of rewards." (Quran 3:195)

As the role of the Palestinian woman is no less than the role of our brothers the Mujahedeen, I decided to be the second female martyr who continues on the course which martyr Wafa-a Al Edresee started. I therefore shall grant myself as a cheap sacrifice in the name of Allah Sobhanhu wa Ta`la in revenge to the bodies of our martyred brothers. Also taking the revenge of the sanctity of our religion and our Masjeds including Al Aqsa and other Masjeds that were turned into bars seeing all kinds of sins being committed just to humiliate the message of our Prophet.

Because the soul and body are all what we own, I therefore dedicate it in the name of Allah in order to become a bomb that burns the Zionists and destroy the legend of Allah’s favorite people. As the Palestinian woman was and still occupies an advanced position in the course of Jihad against unjust, I call upon my sisters to follow this road, the road of those who are free and honored. I call upon everyone who still maintains dignity and honor to carry on taking this route. As such, the Zionist tyrants would realize that they are worth nothing compared to our determination and Jihad. Let Sharon the coward realize that every Palestinian woman shall give birth to an army of martyrs even if he tried to kill them while still in their mothers wombs. The role of the Palestinian woman is no longer limited to crying over the loss of her husband, brother or father, but we are going to turn our bodies into human bombs that destroy the security of Israeli people.

At the end, I invite every struggling Muslim who loves freedom and martyrdom to continue on this respected rout.

Your daughter the alive Martyr: Dareen Mohamed Tawfiq Abu Aysha

Al Aqsa Brigades


Reem Al Rayashy

Her last hours and moment of farewell:

The target of the operation was the barrier of Bayt Hanoun “Erez” located North of Ghaza.

The method was carrying out a martyrdom operation targeting a crowd of soldiers on the highly secured site.

A group of Qassam Brigades were assigned for the task. They needed to coordinate with Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades for the implementation of this operation. The coordination was to collect and provide information so as to help in setting the plan and style of attack. In this regard, the group of Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades was involved.

Information revealed that the weak point on the barrier is actually the security aspect specially while conducting the search on the citizens when a number of soldiers have to gather on one place to carry on the search task, in addition to the protection, surveillance and processing other activities on the crossing point. While brain storming to come up with the best solution to face the many and accurate security measures carried out using advanced technological equipment, the plan sat for the operation depended mainly on camouflage and taking the process out of just the conventional electronic search to the use of human element (soldiers to carry out the search in person). For this method to succeed in fulfilling the element of surprise, a Mujahida was needed.

Selection of Reem:

At that time, there was a Palestinian woman living in one of Ghaza districts anxiously looking forward for martyrdom. The mother and wife Reem Al Rayashy. She always expressed her willingness to carry out an operation. Through special channels, her wish was conveyed to the leadership of Al Qassam Brigades which at first was hesitant and reluctant to recruit Reem for being a mother and married woman. But due to the unusual determination of Reem, Qassam Brigades leadership accepted to select Reem, despite that there are tens or even hundreds of girls who wish and demand martyrdom. As it seems, Reem enjoyed a number of traits, including courage, determination and faith, which were taken as assets while selecting her.

The Qassami group in cooperation with Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades sat the plan for the operation, an engineer of the Qassam Brigades developed the explosive belt which was of a different design. In this operation, it was not limited only on the waste of the Mujahida, but also wrapped around her legs. As such, her movement would be difficult as well as suspicious. But all these problems turned actually to factors of success. Under such conditions, the Mujahidah will have to pretend that she is suffering an illness or fracture of her legs which require using walking sticks.

Qassam Brigades leadership discussed the selection of Mujahida Reem for the operation. Making the decision was a difficult task. It was a possibility though to allow women’s participation in the Military and Jihad process. What actually settled the matter is that the circumstances of the operation depended for its success, after the Support of Allah, to be carried out by a female. Immediately, contacts were made with Mujahida Reem to prepare her for the operation according to the plan.

Only training was needed on how to wear and operate the explosive belt. It seems that her strong faith, determination and strong desire for martyrdom made the task easy. According to the plan, Reem had to take a look at the site including Erez barrier before the implementation in order to closely watch the mechanism of work during the search which was always coupled with humiliating and oppression attitude from the side of the Israeli forces. Based on the field visit, the operation plan was modified as now Reem became part of it and had comments about it.

Operation day:

The operation was scheduled for Wednesday 14/1/2004. This is the day the occupation authorities assign for women to issue magnetic IDs on the crossing point. Reem continued on her life on a normal routine, nothing has changed except that she kept looking at everybody with a farewell final look. She was keen to please all those who are around her, she visited her parents one week before the operation, she made farewell in her own way without allowing anyone to sense it. She was quite and didn’t allow her emotions to control her. Few hours before the operation, she put on her military suit and started to farewell her children. Those moments were long and hard for her, but at the same time she was doing it in the fighter, Mujahida and martyr manner. Those emotions actually surpassed the motherhood feelings. She took her children Mohamed and Doha in her arms for the last time and kissed them. At that time, she felt as if she became the mother of all children and infants who were killed by the enemy.

She left her home, but the scene shall remain engraved in the human, Arab and Muslim history specially in the eyes of those who failed to rescue Palestine. In this regard, Reem proved to be above all of them.

Reem wrapped the belt, which was subjected to a final check to ensure its proper function, around her body. She headed towards the North where the humiliation and oppression barrier is located. During that time in the car, she was reciting Quran and invoking upon Allah in preparation for her last moment, the moment on which she is going to meet her Lord. As soon as she arrived to the barrier, she started using her walking sticks but she was very stable with no sign of fear. She crossed the national security barrier, and due to her apparent condition, she was not subjected to much search. At this time, she was only few meters away from the target and will have to cross through the electronic equipment the occupation forces use to search the workers and travelers. When the alarm went off indicating a foreign object with the passer, Reem immediately acted according to the plan without any sign of confusion regardless the fact that she was only few seconds away from the moment when she is to blow her body. A female soldier approached her to inquire about what she is carrying. Reem informed her about having implanted platinum pins on her fractured leg. The female soldier informed the other officer on the site. But security measures do not stop at this reply. Actually that is what Reem was waiting for. The officer gave a command to take her to the central search room to ensure she is free from any other metal objects. In this room, a number of officers were present assuming different tasks. Israeli explosive experts were called in to search her. At this time, Reem was making dua to Allah that the technical aspects of the belt were in the proper condition and ready to function. As soon as the crowd of officers were present, she touched on the button to cause a massive explosion that shacked the whole area of North Ghaza. The result was 4 dead officers and another 15 were wounded. But the most important is that terror spread among the surveillance sites and towers on the barrier which put them on hold that they even couldn’t open fire for sometime.

Reem’s family is proud of her:

Although they were not aware of what Reem is about to do, family of the martyred Reem Saleh Al Rayashy (21 years old) took pride in what Reem did. Her brother Ayman Al Rayashy stated on a press conference held in front of Masjed Al Hedaya at Ghaza: “ what my sister Reem did is an act that the whole sector of Ghaza as well as the Palestinian people take pride in and honored with. Ayman further explained that Reem was motivated by her love to Islam and Palestine to carry out the operation against the forces of Zionist occupation. He also confirmed the family’s lack of any previous information about her intention. Ayman also explained that his sister was an outstanding student who was keen to learn also through Islamic books. He indicated that the family was taken by surprise but at the same time they resorted to patience and submitted themselves to Allah. As for her children, Ayman replied that they are fine and living with the paternal grandmother.

Reem belongs to a well off family and she completed her high school from Girls Basheer Al Rayes in Ghaza. She was hoping to study engineering but she got married. She is one of a 4 girls and 6 boys family. Her father died two years ago.

Multiple talents:

Reem enjoyed multiple talents like poetry, drawing and good handwriting. She also kept a special notebook in which she compiled biographies of martyrs coupled with their portrays. But she focused at the end on memorizing Quran with an aim to complete it in full. Her martyrdom though didn’t allow her to fulfill her wish. She also was keen to fast throughout her last days not only Mondays and Thursdays. Such traits really affected all those who lived with Reem making her departure difficult for her family, husband and children. Her husband who shared a very happy life with her and was first to mourn her departure.

A martyr on hold:

Special sources revealed that martyr Reem Al Rayashy tried in the past (before her marriage) to carry out a martyrdom operation aiming to stab a number of officers serving at Erez. She prepared herself till the last moment. But the operation was not implemented as she was unable to reach the target. The source indicated that Reem stipulated in her marriage contract that her husband allows her to carry out a martyrdom operation. As such Umm Mohamed the martyr Insh a Allah becomes the first from Hamas Movement, the first from Ghaza strip during Intifadat u Al Aqsa in addition to being the first wife and mother martyr.

It is worth noting that the consensus opinion about Reem was that she was just an ordinary girl. But at the same time, she was very courageous and never fears anything specially during hard times the Palestinians go through. She was never scared during air strikes hitting the residential areas near her house or even during the invasion operations.

Noura Shalhoub

Operation date: 25/2/2002

Noura, according to her father Dr. Jamal Shalhoub, was an outstanding beautiful and very sensitive child, and may be due to all these traits together she did what she did and left this world.

Only a child of 15 years from Tolkurm who martyred on the 25th of.. while making an attempt to attack the occupation officers assigned on a military barrier near the city.

Although it has been one month since the operation during which Noura martyred, yet her family is still under the shock. Her father states:” It never crossed my mind that little pretty and calm Noura could think of all this. She was an outstanding student while also assuming much of her brothers and sisters responsibilities, being the eldest, specially in terms of studying. Nothing in her daily life indicated her intentions”.

On midnight of the day of her operation, Noura sneaked out of her father’s house, took a cab to the neighboring village of Faroun. From there she continued walking between the fields till she reached the military barriers located 2 km away. At this point, she took out a small knife and tried to attack one of the offices who immediately opened fire of their machine guns on he little body.

Till this day, her father and family can not grasp the idea that their little sweet child was capable of such an act that requires an extraordinary level of boldness.

Noura is not but one of many children who surprised their families and everyone around them with actions that could only come from experienced adults.

Noura’s Will:

Bismillah ArRahman ArRahem, Prayer and peace on the seal of Prophets and Messengers, Imam of Mujahedeen Mohamad salla Allah a`lyhee wa sallam:

Allah Ta`la Say:”

This terrorist enemy exceeded his limits in his arrogant and aggressive attitude against our people. Thus it is high time you occupier that I teach you a hard lesson. Through my operation I am sending a message to the occupation army that you Beni Yahud (Jews) can never attain security while still on our land. Go out of my land this is an unlawful land for you. Therefore, I decided with the Permission of my Lord to attach those arrogant officers assigned on the cursed barrier and kill them. I intend to let them know that they will never attain security on my land. I dedicate this operation as a present to the souls of martyrs: Fawaz Badran, A`mer Al Hodairy, Ra-ed Alkarmy, Dr. Thabet Thabet, Feras Aljaber, Abu Hunud, Nasse Hamdan, AbdurRahman Hammad, Mahmoud Almadani, Yasser Albadawy, to all the martyrs of the massacres of Nablus, Beet Lahm, Bayt Reema, A`in Alfare`a and to all the martyrs of Palestine. I also dedicated it to the families of martyrs, wounded and harmed.

Alhamdulelah wa Allah u Akbar, victory is to Islam and Muslims, shame and humiliation to the low people and spies killers of Mujahedeen. May Palestine be dignified.

Alive martyr Insh a Allah

Noura Jamal Shalhoub

Translated from: Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades



JazakALLAHU Khayran!


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