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Egyptian inventor through the interpretation of Koranic verse reach for the manufacture

The Egyptian scientist invention protects buildings and facilities, the risk of earthquakes, which received the Order of Merit within ten scientists in the world were honored in London.

Invention is reached by the engineer, Dr. "Layla Abdul-Moneim," is in the formation of reinforced concrete of the "walls of bitumen from the molten iron are supported in the invention to the Quranic verse decent in the cave as a reference the first in this invention, namely:" Atoni Sber iron even if equated Alsdwin Anfjua said even if a fire make it Atoni said he emptied a diameter of 96} {Cave

Egyptian expert says: stopped in front of these two verses and the position of Nzulhma managed well and after several experiments reached a new combination of "concrete" was used where the same material that was adopted by a centuries in the establishment of the barrier between the two mountains .. Of petroleum products a plus molten iron with asphalt mixture Eventually, she concluded her high coherence and ability to resist earthquakes.

Has inspired of God Almighty a centuries how to build a barrier between two mountains with some of the materials that prevent the influence of the strongest earthquakes, a barrier that separates between us and the Gog and Magog

Dr. Laila invention of 100 .. I got for it on the Merit Award in London .. I have Mdhaa members of the jury, saying: "Mother of inventors working in the silence of the Sphinx and the pyramids Hmokh


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