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Do You Know Yourself?

As-Salaam alaikum,

The Apostle of Allah, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said: "He who knows himself, knows his Lord" if he knows himself as perishable, he knows Allah as Everlasting, or if he knows himself as humble, he knows Allah as Almighty, or if he knows himself as a servant, he knows Allah as the Lord. Therefore one who does not know himself is debarred from knowledge of practically all things.

In the attachment to this topic is a file/work by Sayyadi Ibn Arabi, may Allah be pleased with him, on this particular issue... which has been commented upon by so many scholars over the years... but this one from the Sheikh is particularly apt, inspiring and deeply informative/educative. Find time to examine it and thereby know yourself well.

Many Regards.


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