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Defending Allah's Messenger SAAW against the ridiculing remarks of a Danish newspaper


After hearing the prime minister speech, there was no apology of any kind presented. He just said we are sorry for what happened, we cannot control or we do not have powers on magazines and journals, then he started talking about the boycot, and that he appreciated the muslims who are in denmark in building the danish society. All his speech was a kind of trying to absorb the muslims anger, so they will stop the boycott, and there was no direct apology. So the boycott continues and continues till they present an apology.




culture war

Hassan from Denmark |03/02/2006 م، 13:6 (السعودية)، 10:6 (جرينيتش)

Denmark will never apologize, and still in their mass media they say openly we will never apologize and even the paper culture chief said this is our culture battle...please brother and sister alkuffar are working day and night to demonize muslims and one day it will be acrime evn to be a muslim...its time to say stop its time to dffend our dignity and our right to be in denmark over the last 10 4 years we were facing a very hostile governemnt wich every day insult and abuse our faith under the cover of freedom of speech.....we need ur support and Allah will reward all Ameen

This is one of the comments that was written on arabiya net regarding the situation, this is a muslim from denmark and he is saying exactly what is happening to them in Denmark. And they say freedom of speech, it seems the freedom of speech is only for non muslims, what are we going to do to help our muslim brothers and sisters in denmark :(




I have a suggestion here to make, let us tranform this effort geared towards Danemark thru email, mobile sms, forums ..etc into something fruituful. Let us all try and strive more to institutionalize the sunnah into our lives. Let each one of us examine what are the sunnahs being ( iwant to use a word that expresses the situation yet not harsh on any of us) not practiced and start applying it bit by bit. Let us all take this chance and turn it into a situation of which we come stronger and closer to Allah.



Yes that is a good suggestion, we should return sunnah back to our lives. This by will of Allah will make us stronger insha'Allah.




I prefer radical solutions



I prefer radical solutions

Look. USA is fully supportive of Israel against our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine haved vowed that every muslim who every heard or witnessed their suffering and humiliation and didn't come to their aid will be dragged before Allah on The Day of Judgement and they hope in_sha_allah that because of their suffering and our apathy that we will be given their burden of sins. Up to and including any sin of 'suicide-bombing' as the ulema call it. Because this is all that they can do to defend themselves. And all we can do is yell to them to stop rocking the boat. And stop disturbing our enjoyment of the dunya. After all, just like the christians and jews, we have a guarantee of paradise...right?

And the same applies for our suffering brothers and sisters in Iraq.

And the same applies for our suffering brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

And the same applies for our suffering brothers and sisters in Chechenya.

And so on.

Don't you feel like you are drinking the blood of the muslims when you sip on a can of Coca-Cola?

Wallahi..if you don't, may Allah make it so in Qiyamah.


[Image: 970p415899ds.jpg]

Al-Ahzab 57
Those who annoy Allah and his Apostle Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter and has prepared for them a humiliating Punishment.


Quote:[Image: 970p415899ds.jpg]

Al-Ahzab 57
Those who annoy Allah and his Apostle Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter and has prepared for them a humiliating Punishment.

Shaykh Rabee' ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

A Renowned Muslim Scholar's Criticial Response to Recent Attempts to Defame the Prophet Muhammad through Cartoon Drawings and Accusations of Terrorism

[ In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy ]

All praises are due to Allah, and may Allah exalt the status of the Messenger of Allah, and that of his family and his companions, and may He grant them peace.

As for what follows:Some newspapers and other forms of media have spread hurtful, vicious information that could only emanate from the jealous, arrogant enemies of Islam and its Prophet (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace).

That conduct comprises a calumniation of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah and a distortion of his message by jealous individuals and Christian organizations, as well as envious and irresponsible columnists, like those who write for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Its writers mocked the best of Mankind and the most distinguished of the Messengers, Muhammad (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace), the likes of whose nobility, honor, justice, and manners the earth has never known of. Neither has it known of a more complete and comprehensive message than his, nor a more just and merciful one.

It is a message that embraces belief in all of the prophets and messengers, honoring them and defending them from calumniation and defamation. It has also preserved an accurate history of the prophets, including Jesus and Moses. So whoever disbelieves in Muhammad and speaks of him in a derogatory manner has disbelieved in all of the prophets and disparaged all of them.

Recently, some uncivilized miscreants made fun of the Prophet, drawing various pictures of him. Twelve despicable pictures, one of them portrayed him (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) wearing a turban resembling a bomb on his head.

We say to these criminals and their envious supporters in Europe and America: You are blaming others for your very own crimes!

Let it be known that never did Muhammad (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace), nor his righteous successors or any of his honorable companions, ever establish factories for even the most primitive of weapons, like swords and spears, let alone atomic bombs, long-range missiles, or any other weapon of mass destruction.

Never did Muhammad (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) build a single weapon factory. Rather, he was sent as a mercy for the entire creation, to guide all Mankind towards happiness in their worldly lives and in their hereafter, such that they fulfill their Creator’s right upon them, for it is He who created them to worship Him alone. Whoever rejects this is truly a criminal deserving punishment in this life and the next, by the Lord of all that exists, the Creator of this universe and its Master.

As for you O Westerners, claimants of civilization, you have constitutions and statutes that destroy upright moral character and permit all kinds of forbidden acts, the likes of fornication and homosexuality, as well as usury which destroys the economies of entire nations, and the eating of improperly slaughtered animals (dead meats) and pork, something that causes the loss of concern for women's values, and thus a man does not feel protective of his wife, sister, or daughter, and thus she fornicates with or intimately befriends whomever she pleases. These are some of the means which lead to ruin, and they have been prohibited in all of the prophetic messages.

As for bombs and all other weapons of destruction, war planes, tanks, and long-range missiles, you are the ones who engineered and manufactured them with your satanic minds that only think about transgression, animosity, oppression, attacking, tyranny, conquering entire races of people and enslaving them, spilling their blood, and usurping their natural resources. You think only about annihilating those who oppose you and stand in the way of your greedy aspirations, your oppression and spreading of hatred. All this wrapped up in the name of civilization, human rights, freedom, and justice!

All intelligent people know this about you. For your dark history is overflowing with uncivil and terrorist acts, a history recorded against you by both your enemies and allies alike.

Anyone who does not know this should read about your history and your occupation of numerous nations, or at least read the history and some horrible results of your two World Wars. For example, the number of fatalities in the First World War in Europe reached "More than 10 million, and they were the elite of their nations' youth. And more than twice this number had incurred serious injuries disabling them for the rest of their lives." [Refer to: At-Taareekh al-Mu'aasir: Uruubbaa minath-Thawratil-Fransiyyah ilal-Harbil-'Aalamiyyaith-Thaaniyah, p.505. (Lit: Recent History, Europe from the French Revolution to the Second World War)]

The number of soldiers killed in the Second World War reached: "17 million, along with another 18 million civilian fatalities - all of them killed within a period of only five and a half years. Experts have estimated that the military expenses alone reached $1.1 trillion, and that losses caused by the war reached the value of $2.1 trillion. Added to this are the number of entire cities destroyed, the amount of earth scorched, the agriculture that was flooded, and the factories and plantations that stopped production, not to mention the number of livestock that were destroyed or lost." [(Al-Harb al-'Aalamiyyah ath-Thaaniyah by Ramadhaan Land, p.448-449) (Lit: The Second World War)]

The Hiroshima Bomb

Stated the author of the book, "al-Harb al-'Aalamiyyah ath-Thaaniyah" (p.446-447) (Lit: The Second World War), "And perhaps it is appropriate to speak about this first atomic bomb. Let us relay what was reported directly from one of the Japanese in his interview with Marcel Junod, a representative of the Red Cross, speaking about the reality of this most frightening explosion. He said: …And suddenly there appeared these intense, muddy pinkish lights, accompanied by an unnatural tremor. This was immediately followed by an asphyxiating wave of heat and violent winds that ravaged everything in their path.

Within only a few seconds, thousands of people who walked the roads or sat in the city's main streets were burned alive. A great number were then killed by the intense heat that spread all over. Others were left lying on the ground screaming in pain with deadly burns all over their bodies. Anything that had been at the point of impact – walls, homes, factories, and other buildings – was completely and totally annihilated, with all traces of these things sent hurling into the sky in a ghastly whirlwind. Trams were plucked from their steel tracks and flung as if they had lost their weight and substance. Trains were lifted off the ground along with their tracks as if they were mere toys. Horses, dogs, and livestock were all befallen with what befell the people. Every living thing had lost its life in one painful turn of events too difficult to describe. Trees were engulfed in blazing fires, rice fields lost their color, and farms crackled and burned away like dry straw.

As for the surrounding areas that escaped instant death: Homes were crumbled and only piles of wooden boards remained amongst bricks and stone foundations. Everything was crushed as if they were cardboard houses in a zone of destruction 10 kilometers in diameter. Those who survived found themselves totally surrounded by raging fires. The few people who managed to get to any type of shelter in time died painful deaths from gamma radiation within 20 to 30 days. By nightfall on the day of the blast, the blaze slowed down and then died out, finding nothing left to fuel it. Hiroshima had passed away into nothingness."

These are some of the landmarks of your civilization that you sing and boast about, and become insolent towards Islam and its Prophet with. Yet you continue intensifying every form of oppression and corruption and you go on inventing more and more weapons of destruction, annihilation, and devastation, and this – by Allah – is the utmost limit of barbaric and animalistic behavior.

( Or do you think that most of them even listen or use their intellects? They are only like cattle, rather, even more astray than that. ) [Quran 25:44]

So crown yourselves with your own bombs, including the Hiroshima bomb and its likes, and crown your leaders with them. Consider all other weapons of mass destruction as your fangs and claws that you use to prey upon wild animals and all of Mankind.

( And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them. ) [Quran 26:227]


Dr. Rabee' ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee is a renowned Islamic scholar and critic, author of many works primarily in the field of Hadeeth Sciences. The former head of the Sunnah Department at the prestigious Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, his articles have appeared in many newspapers in the Arab world, and his web site (in Arabic: features a great number of them.

[This article may be reproduced and distributed in its entirity, on the web or in print, as the copyright policy of this website does not apply to it. -Webamster]


Quote:In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, Most Merciful

Defending Allah's Messenger  , the most pure of all mankind

Why the Danish government and its media attacks the final Prophet and Messenger of Allah, the Almighty; Mohammed ?

Defending Allah's Messenger SAAW against the ridiculing remarks of a Danish newspaper

What is the standpoint of the Muslims' governments,

businessmen and people towards such attacks on the Prophet  ?

Prepared by:

Khalid bin AdbulRahman


Rendered into English by:

Dr. Mohammed Said Dabas

I have reviewed what some of the news agencies dealt with concerning the Danish news agency Jyllands-Posten had published, which I believe it to be a heinous mistake and dreadful deviation from the path of justice, reverence and equality. The said agency published 12 cartoon caricatures on the 30th of September, 2005, ridiculing Mohammed , the messenger of Islam. One of these cartoons pictures Allah's Messenger PBUH, wearing a turban that resembles a bomb wrapped around his head. What a pathetic projection!

To deepen the harm, the agency requested other cartoonists to present other drawings of the same theme for publication.

I was extremely saddened to read such news.

I personally visited the site of the agency on the net.

I examined the size of the blundering scandal it was. On Sept 29th, 2005 issue of , Jyllands-Posten, I saw and read dreadful news and cartoons.

The news and the cartoons were horrifying and extremely disturbing to me.

I believe al Muslims who read, viewed or learned about this news were equally saddened, disappointed and disturbed. All criticized such work and felt awful and dismayed about it. Similarly, I do believe that all sane and wise people, I believe, would feel the same about it.

Our Muslim brethren in Denmark, along with other fair Danish citizens and residents of Denmark criticized this matter strongly. They wonder how such honorable man throughout the history would; i.e. the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed PBUH, would be ridiculed, in such a manner. Several articles were prepared, many letters had been drafted and all sent and directed to both: the Danish government and the concerned news agency.

They all demanded an apology of such a sinful act, and not to repeat it in the future.

Over 5000 people, Muslims and non-Muslims who sympathized with their fair cause demonstrated in Copenhagen; the capital of Denmark against the act of this newspapers demanding an apology from them.

The Danish authorities and the people in-charge of the newspaper refused to apologize claming that that this was a freedom-of-speech-act and we cannot make them apologize!!.

The news agency authorities, as well as the ruling party to which the (Jyllands-Posten) belongs, continue to refuse to apologize to Muslims. In fact, they declare that they have the intent to continue on the same path attacking the Messenger of Islam, whom Allah, the Almighty stated on his behalf in the Glorious Quran The Prophets 21:107, 'We have sent you but a Mercy for mankind.'

They ignored all international bonds, traditions and treaties. They careless for all the objections, which were presented to them.

I felt that it is my duty, and the duty of others like me, who are entrusted with the abilities to write and disseminate the information, especially that I belong to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has the Qiblah-direction of prayers of the entire Muslims all-over-the-world and the Masjed-Mosque of Allah's Messenger PBUH. Our defense is a response to the verse of the Glorious Quran 2:187, 'Remember that Allah took the pledge of allegiance of those who received the Scripture to illustrate it [i.e. its' contents] to people [at large].'

Examining the background of such attacks illustrates the following:

1. Mohammed  is the purest of the mankind breed.

Danish people, as well as all other peoples on the face of earth, are reminded that such ridiculing acts are mere lies and nonsense.

Mohammed  is truly the purest of the mankind breed. Any ridiculing acts, no matter how many in volume and number they are, they would not change this fact that billions of people believe in. Allah, the Almighty reported this in the Glorious Quran.

We Muslims believe that Allah, the Almighty will Himself protect His Prophet and Messenger's reputation and fame against such fallible attacks. He will cause such attackers and ridiculers to be beat and defeated.

Even Mohammed  himself is reported to have said, as reported in both Bukhari and Muslim: "Don't you see how Allah, the Almighty purifies me against all the cussing and cursing of the Korishites? They cuss and curse a "praiseless" person, but my name is "The Praiseworthy one".'

As such, we notice how his own name  carries praise and demonstrates that he is praiseworthy, and not otherwise.

The renowned scholar in Islam; al-Hafez Ibn Hajar, may Allah shower his with His Mercy, interpreting that Hadith, statement of Allah's Messenger SAAW, saying, 'The unbelieving Korishites used to call Mohammed  as "Motham-mam"; the praiseless person, whenever they wanted to attack him or ridicule him, thus they would not call or ridicule his real given name.

Therefore, all attacks and ridiculing remarks went to someone else.

Therefore, whatever cartoons and drawings the newspaper asked cartoonists to prepare against Mohammed  definitely do not represent Allah's Messenger SAAW, neither by reality or symbolically.

The face of Allah's Messenger SAAW represents purity, holiness and glory. His face is more lit than the full-moon itself. His face beams generosity, glory, happiness, optimism and attraction to all those who saw him. Everyone who looked at the face of Mohammed  was attracted to his glory, even his enemies.

Symbolically, Mohammed  was never reported to be a frowner or with fierce facial features. He  had never beaten a person throughout his honorable life; a woman, a child a man or else.

Aieshah , is reported to have said, 'Allah's Messenger SAAW was never given a choice between two items but he chose the easier one, unless the easier choice is a sin. If so, he  would be the farthest from such a sinful act. Moreover, Allah's Messenger SAAW had never taken a revenge for his own. But, if one of the commandments of Allah, the Almighty is breached or broken, he  would take revenge [from the broker or the breaching person].' This Hadith is reported by Bukhari and Muslim.

It is rather extremely disappointing and depressing for the Danish newspaper itself and its' editors and editor-in-chief, and also for the entire Danish government that the only information they have about Mohammed  is the bit they ridiculed him for. Allah, the Almighty told the truth saying in the Glorious Quran 36:30, 'Woe be to mankind! Never a messenger was sent to them except they ridiculed him.'

I call upon these ridiculing people, who ridiculed Allah's Messenger SAAW, and I call upon the non-Muslims to do-themselves-a-favor, to read the noble biography of the honorable Prophet and Messenger of Allah, the Almighty. They will be doing themselves a favor by reading the best biography of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever. He is the perfect man, the perfect leader, the perfect teacher, the perfect human being, the perfect father and the perfect all-in-all man.

There are thousands of sites on the net that easily testify to that and support this fact. The following sites are some examples:



In fact, I am humbled and honored to state here that I had the privilege of writing a book in Arabic in this field and on the same subject, entitled, 'The Blow of Scent, from the Characteristics of the Glad-tiding-bringer and the Warner', and my other book, also in Arabic, 'Glimpses from the House of the Prophet Mohammed '

Many renowned men of fame, education, high caliper and letter and wisdom of the non-Muslims bore witness to the nobility, honor, reverence, many great virtues and purity of Mohammed . I will state some of their testimonies herein later in this document.

2. Ridiculing the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the Almighty would add to the misery of this world, rather than eliminating it.

The contemporary world is witnessing today great much confusion all over. Innocent blood is being shed. Innocent lives are being harvested by oppression and transgression. We are in utmost need to spread peace, justice and love all over the world. We need to call for the respect and reverence of all Divine and heavenly Messages and Scriptures. By doing so, we would be able to preserve the divine messages and demonstrate love, appreciation and reverence to the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the Almighty to this world.

We would further help to preserve the souls, honor and belongings of all mankind all-over-the-world. We would further demonstrate the respect and honor of the human rights all over the world.

Furthermore, such instigating and harmful calls, i.e. the ridiculing of Prophet Mohammed , will only pour oil on the fire and increase the misery of the world. We are all in need for the source of Mercy and Guidance in the person and the Call of Prophet Mohammed . We believe that the ridiculers and defamers of the personality of Mohammed , his lie, his mission and his biography block people and prevent them from approaching such source of mercy and guidance. This act will add to the instability of the international community all over the world. People will lack peace and tranquility and even social stability when they feel threatened with their figures and spiritual leaders.

We believe that such people i.e. who block people from getting the mercy and guidance, would be punished in a suitable manner. Allah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran Ibrahim: 3, '

It is saddening and disappointing to see the bad situation of human society nowadays. In spite of all technological advancements in various branches of science and amazing worldly discoveries, we could hear hoarse voices and writings from some world-class capitals that have poor projections of holy and virtuous people.

3. The claim of "freedom-of-speech" does not entitle anyone to attack others and harms them:

The claim of Jyllands-Posten newspaper that they allow, promote and practice freedom-of-speech, by publishing cartoons ridiculing Mohammed  the Prophet of Islam, is a non-convincing claim. All worlds' constitutions and international organizations insist on and demand to respect all the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the Almighty. Moreover, they confirm the necessity to respect the Divine Messages, respect others and do not attack the privacy, dignity and honor and principles of others.

In the International World Federation Council of media and press people, it is stated:

Media people must be alert of risks that may arise as a result of prejudice and discrimination implied by the media. The Council would exert every possible effort to avoid being involved in such calls, which are based on prejudice and religion, sex or other social differences discrimination.

• A media man may commit a dangerous professional deviation such as: claiming other's work, ill-interpretation of facts, false accusations of others, condemning others for no basis, accusing others with their integrity and honor for no sound basis or accepting bribes to either publish or prevent the publishing of specific materials.

• A noteworthy media-person should believe that it is their duty to give an honest attention to the aforementioned items, and through the general framework of the law in each country.

Therefore, we also base our opinion and/or statements herein on an honest and sound media proclamation requesting the Danish newspaper to apologize for what they did. The proclamations states: "The media person would exert every possible effort to correct, modify any published information that he/she noticed that they are inaccurate and/or harmful to others."

Undoubtedly, what the Danis newspaper; Jyllands-Posten published is harmful not only for more than two hundred thousand Danish citizen, but also to more than one-billion-three-hundred-million Muslims along with others who are fair and just people. All these hurt people honor, respect and love Mohammed  the Prophet.

This action will continue to hurt and harm all Muslims so long we live on the face-of-this-earth. Denmark, if does not deal with this problem on a fair ground, will also continue to be a source of harm and convulsion to many Muslims.

This is because of the mentality of some Danish individuals who are anti-prophets, messengers and divine messages.

4. Ridiculing important figures does not serve the interests of Denmark or even Europe.

Wise men and women in Christian western countries must learn and realize that instigating others would have great risks on their people as well as their interests in various other countries all over the globe. In fact, this would even have a negative effect on their own country's interest. Such instigating remarks may well lead to more violence and hatred. It is wise to stop issuing such instigating remarks.

Instigation may lead some motivated individuals to take immediate revenge from those who attacked Allah's Messenger SAAW. In fact, hundreds of millions of people would be glad to sacrifice their lives defending their Prophet and his fame and personality.

Others may not be able to do so, therefore, they attack Christians and their possessions in their areas. Although such act is Islamically neither acceptable nor condoned, but we can still see some individuals do it.

Allah's Messenger SAAW clearly banned negative activities of this nature saying, 'He whosoever kills a man whom Muslims have a pledge of allegiance with him to protect him [in their country] will never smell the scent of Jannah, Paradise.' [This Hadith is reported by Bukhari.]

A Pledged person is the person whom Muslims have pledged to protect either due to payment of head-tax [Jizyah] or a truce with the governor. An individual Muslim could also offer a the pledge of allegiance to a non-Muslim individual. Diplomatic missions also are categorized under this category.

Instigation acts would also lead to blood-shedding, killing and more tension and confusion to all.

We would like to remind also with the decree which the Human Rights Agency in the United Nations adopted on the 12th of April, 2005. This decree insisted on the ban of distortions and vicious attacks against religions and especially Islam; which had been strongly attacked in the last few years.

5. Where are the wise Christians?

I would like to remind the Danish people, as well as all the rest of the nations, with the standpoints of their previous Christian generations and how did they deal with Allah's Messenger SAAW.

The previous Christian generations were civilized when they dealt with Islam and Muslims.

They were wise and straightforward. As such, they benefited, we believe, in both worlds.

Allah's Messenger SAAW sent messages to Chesrous; the king of Persia, to Cesar; the king of the Romans, and both did not embrace Islam. Cesar, however, honored and respected the letter that he received from Allah's Messenger SAAW, while Chesrous did not. History relates that Cesar's kingdom continued for quite sometime, while Chesrous's, who tore the letter of Allah's Messenger SAAW, and ridiculed him, was caused to be killed shortly, by Allah, the Almighty and his kingdom was torn into pieces. In fact, no kingship remained for the Chesrouses.

Historians reported on the reverence of the Christian monarchs of the letter of Allah's Messenger SAAW to them.

A renowned Muslim scholar; Ibn Hajar, stated that, 'Suhailee; the historian, said: 'Hercules placed the letter of Allah's Messenger SAAW in a golden container and they kept inheriting it from father-to-son as a legacy until it reached the Christian king who conquered Toledo. The Prophet's letter then moved to the custody of his grandson. A man called Abdul Malek bin Saad; one of the Muslims' leader met with the king who has the letter of the Prophet. The king showed the leader the letter. The Muslim leader was in tears to see the letter and asked the king to permit him to kiss it, but the king denied his request.

Ibn Hajar; the renowned scholar reported of Saif-ud-deen Folaih al-Mansooree that the Christian king showed him a gold-plated-box, from which he pulled out a golden-pen-box, which has a letter inside that most of its writing was almost gone. The letter was wrapped with a silk-cloth. The Christian king said, 'Your Prophet had sent this letter to my grandfather, whom we continued to inherit as a part of the legacy of our great-grandfather Cesar. The king added, 'Our forefather commended us to keep this letter as if it remained with us and in our possession, the kingship will continue to be with us. Therefore, we protect it tightly, honor it and do not publicize much information about it among the Christians in order to preserve our kingship.

As for the Christian Danish people and other Christians as well, we would like to remind them with the Negus, the king of Abyssinia. When the companion of the Prophet, namely Ja'afar bin Abi Taleb, recited few verses of the Glorious Quran from the chapter entitled Maryam, the Negus wept with tears until his beard was wet. His religious staff also were in tears until their scriptures became wet upon hearing what Jaafar recited unto them from the Glorious Quran. Negus said, 'By Allah! This Scripture and the Scripture which Moses brought forth stem from the same source.' This Hadith is reported in Mosnad Imam Ahmad.

Allah's Messenger SAAW authentically reported the verses of the Glorious Quran which praised the true Christian believers who were truthful in their faith and committed to their trust. In chapter 5:83, Allah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran, 'Upon hearing what has been sent down to the Prophet, you would see tears rolling from their eyes as they realize its truth. They say: Our Lord! We believed. So write us amongst the witnesses.'

We would like to remind the Danish people, its leaders, the educated class in Denmark and the those in charge of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper with a statement of one of our renowned scholars; Ahmad bin Hanbal may Allah shower his with his mercy, who said, 'There are still amongst the Christians kings, priests and public who has an edge of others in terms of general and religious knowledge as well.

Such people know a portion only of the truth and follow most of what they know. These people know Islam and its benefits to mankind, while others do not. Those learned people would deal with Muslims and treat them in manner that benefits them personally, in the first place, in both worlds.'

6. Ridiculing the Prophets is truly the way of evil-minded people:

We believe that the way the Jyllands-Posten presented the Prophet of Islam PBUH is truly the way of evil-minded people who wage wars against the reforms and prophets of Allah.

In fact, Allah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran 2:184, 'If they belied you, other prophets before you were also belied, although they brought clear evidences, the Psalms, and illuminated Scripture.'

Allah talked about the evil-minded people from Jews in the Glorious Quran as follows 5:70, 'Every time a Messenger bring to them what they do not like, they either killed some or belied the other.'

Allah, the Almighty also stated in the Glorious Quran 6:33-34, 'We [i.e. Allah] know that what they say saddens you, but they do not [truly] belie you, but rather the oppressing ones deny the clear proofs of Allah. Messengers before you were also belied, but they demonstrated patience. They were hurt until Our victory arrived. There is no one who would be able to change the words of Allah. The news of previous prophets and messengers were brought to you.'

7. Those who attempt to harm the Prophets are promised with Allah's revenge:

The Jyllands-Posten and its editors are truly enjoying their lives and they are also indulged in all types of temptations.

After their acts of ridiculing the Prophet Mohammed  they had exposed them, along with those who supported them in their cause, to the threatening issued by Allah, the Almighty. Allah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran 108:3, 'truly the one who hates and the guidance you had brought will have no progeny.'

Any person who attacks Allah's Messenger SAAW, ridicule him or hate him for any reason, will exposed himself to such severe penalty. Those who falsify or falsely accuse Allah's Messenger SAAW with anything, they will expose themselves to such penalty.

Ibn Taymiyah, a renowned Muslim scholar says, 'Verily Allah, the Almighty will revenge for His Prophet from all those who attacked His Prophet, for sure. Allah will manifest His religion. Allah will unveil the lies of the liars on His Prophet, for sure, if the people in-charge could not punish them appropriately.

Many trustworthy Muslims reported that they have tested this principle and found it to be true.

In fact, it is reported that once Muslims besieged a Roman fort for over a month. The fort would be extremely fortified and we can not conquer it.

When we become almost desperate and about to leave the siege, some of the dwellers of the fort will begin cursing Allah's Messenger SAAW and talk ill about him. At that point, Allah would make ways and we would be able of conquering the fort and overtake it by force in a day or two of their cursing.

We shall wait and see what would happen to the Danish ridiculers of the Allah's Messenger SAAW.

Allah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran 9:61, 'Those who harm Allah's Messenger will deserve a severe punishment.'

Also, Allah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran 33:57, 'Truly, those who harm Allah and His Messenger Allah curses them in this world and in the Hereafter and He prepared for hem a humiliating punishment.'

Imam Ibn taimiyah may Allah shower his with his mercy, is reported to have said:

'It is the Will of Allah, the Almighty that when Muslims are not capable of punishing those who ridicule and harm Allah's Messenger SAAW, Allah, the Almighty Himself will take care of that. Allah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran 15:94-95, 'Declare what you have been commanded to declare. Leave the pagans alone. We [Allah, the Almighty] have sufficed you [the problems of] the ridiculers.'

All those who ridiculed Allah's Messenger SAAW were killed, one-at-a-time. The event is historically documented and authenticated.

It is also reported in Hadith; traditions of Allah's Messenger SAAW that Allah said, 'He whosoever become an enemy for a person who befriended me is waging war against me directly.'

Therefore, if a person wages war against Allah's Prophets PBUT, his punishment is much too strict.

The previous nations were destroyed when they hurt their prophets, as reported in the Glorious Quran.

The Israelites were subjected to tremendous humiliation and they deserved the Wrath of Allah, the Almighty due to the fact that they killed their prophets without any legitimate reason.

It is rare to hear of a person who hurt Allah's messengers and to be punished, unless otherwise he repented of his shameful act.

8. The following is a list of fair and impartial contemporary scholars' testimonies about Mohammed :

Fair contemporary celebrities, upon reviewing and reading the biography of Allah's Messenger SAAW fully admitted his honor, nobility and leadership. The following are dome of their testimonies:

1. Mahatma Gandhi, in an interview with Young India Newspaper, said, 'I wanted to know the characteristics of the man who possesses the hears of millions of people, without any doubt. I became fully convinced that the sword was not the mean by which Islam gain it positions and grounds. It was rather the simplicity of the Prophet, his truthfulness, promptness, dedication, and devotion to his companions and followers, besides his unmatched courage and his unparalleled trust and confidence in His Lord; Allah, the Almighty, in addition to his full belief in his Mission and Message of Islam.

These matters were the qualities and descriptions that paved the way and eased the difficulties, and not the sword. After completing the second volume of the biography of Mohammed, I felt sorry that there wan not enough materials to learn more about his life.'

2. Professor Rama Chrishna Raw, in his book entitled, 'Mohammed, the Prophet', says: 'We can not know the entire personality of Mohammed, but all what I can present of his life is fantastic scenes…

There is Mohammed, the Prophet and messenger, Mohammed the fighter, the businessman, the spokesman, the reformer, the orphans' guardian, the slaves' protector, the women's liberator, the judge, and all these roles were enough to qualify him to be a hero.'

3. The Canadian orientlist Dr. Zuwaimer, in his book entitled, 'The East and its customs', says, 'Undoubtedly, Mohammed was on of the greatest Muslim religious leaders. We can rightly say that he was a super efficient reformer, eloquent, brave, courageous, great thinker whom we should not attribute to him any description that contradicts the above qualities. The Glorious Quran, which he brought forth for humanity, is a great testimony for this claim.

4. The German orientlist Britly Saint Heller, in his book entitled, 'The Orientlists and their creeds', says, ' Mohammed was the head-of-the-state, who looked out for the life of his people and their freedom.

He punished those who committed crimes and felonies during his lifetime. He called for the worship of One God; monotheism.

He was extremely kind in his call to his religion, even with his enemies.

He possessed two characteristics in his personality amongst the highest qualities: justice and mercy.

5. The British writer and critique, Bernard Show, in his book Mohammed, which was ordered to be burnt by the British authorities, says, 'This world is in a bad need for a man with the thinking style and ability of that of Mohammed. This Prophet who always placed his religion in a respectable and honorable position.

This religion is the strongest to digest all civilizations and be an eternal religion.

I notice that many British citizens embraced Islam rightfully. This religion will find great accommodation in Europe.'

The clergy men in the middle ages, as a result of discrimination and ignorance, had painted a dim picture for Mohammed. They considered him an enemy for Christianity!.

However, after researching his personality, I discovered that he was a great man. I concluded that he was never an enemy for Christianity; rather he should be called the savior of the humanity.

In fact, if he is given the leadership in our world today, he will resolve the entire world problems in a manner that secure peace and prosperity for the entire humanity.

6. Senrasten Asoji; Semitic languages professor says in his book, 'The history of Mohammed's life', 'We would not be fair to Mohammed if we denied his great qualities and characteristics.

Mohammed led a real battle against ignorance and barbarism insisting on his principles.

He continued to fight against the oppressors until he reached a clear victory.

His religion is the greatest religion and he is above all great people in history.'

7. Senex, the American orientlist in his book, "The Arabs' Creed', says, ' Mohammed appeared after five-hundred-and-seventy years of Jesus . His mission was to promote and improve the human minds by introducing the best ethics and morals to them and teaching them monotheism, and informing them about the Hereafter, or life-after-death.'

8. Michael Hearts, in his book, 'The 100 most influential people in history', 'Choosing Mohammed to be the first, most important and greatest men in history may surprise the readers, but he is the only man throughout the history who succeeded on the religious and worldly affairs levels.

There are messengers, prophets and wise men who started great missions, but they died before completing them, such as the Messiah in Christianity, Moses in Judaism.

But Mohammed is the only messenger who completed his religious message and all it rulings were complete. Complete nations and peoples followed the religion of Mohammed during his lifetime.

Besides, he established a government and a state, which is considered as a worldly affair as well. Mohammed united all the tribes and clans in one people and established laws-of-life. He set his nation to preach the religion to the rest of the world. Therefore, he is the only man throughout the history who succeeded on the religious and worldly affairs levels.

9. The Russian writers; Tolstoy, whose literature and writings are considered to be on the best international literature: 'It suffice Mohammed that he salvaged a humiliated bloody nation from the grip of Satanic customs and put them on the road of development and progress. The Shariah laws of Mohammed shall spread all over the world because it agrees with the common sense and wisdom.

10. Dr. Shperk, the Austrian says, 'The entire humanity should be proud that a man like Mohammed belongs to it.

Despite his being unlettered man he was able to bring about a legislation system that we will be the happiest people is if we reached its peak and the maximum of that legal system.'

11. The English philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, the Nobel Prize winner says in his book, 'The Heroes', 'It is extremely shameful to anyone to believe that Islam is nothing but a bunch of lies. And, it is equally shameful to believe that Mohammed is a liar and cheater.'

We must fight such shameful rumors. The mission that Mohammed achieved and fulfilled is still the lit candle for the past twelve centuries for approximately two-hundred-million people.

How would one believe that the principles, which this huge number of people lived and died by were a mere lie and trick!?

12. Ghotte; the German writer also says, 'We, the European people, with all our thoughts and concepts, did not reach yet what Mohammed had achieved. There will be no one to beat Mohammed and his principles that he called for. I have searched the history for the best example, and found it to be in the personality of Mohammed.

Truth must prevail as Mohammed was able to subject the entire world by the pure words of monotheism.'

These were some excerpts of the some of the renowned international scholars of the world concerning Prophet Mohammed .

Why then to say, write or publish harmful items that destroy and harm instead of construct and benefit.

At the end of this declaration, I would like to address our Muslim brethren all over the world:

1. Everyone should know that the reputation of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed  is the responsibility of everyone of you, male and female.

Every Muslim must be an ambassador for Islam carrying the best information to all in terms of guidance and blessings to deliver the message of our beloved prophet Mohammed .

2. I request the businessmen to have a united and strict standpoint to defend their Prophet Mohammed .

They should stop their commercial business dealing with Denmark until they openly and officially apologize for the shameful attack to the person of Allah's Messenger SAAW by Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

They should remember that the wealth would vanish sooner or later, but the virtues would remain in this world and the next world to come.

The best of these virtues is the love of Allah and his messenger. They should remember the event of Abdullah bin Abi Salool with his own father, and the son forced his own father to apologize from Allah's Messenger SAAW when the latter harmed the Prophet. The son even prevented his father to enter the city of Madinah until the Prophet pardons him. The event was recorded in the Glorious Quran.

Would the Muslim businessmen respond to this call? Would they stop their commercial deals with Denmark until an official apology is received and they should stipulate that such an act would not be repeated again?

3. I call upon my Muslim brethren all over the world to send a letter renouncing the act of Jyllands-Posten newspaper and request a formal apology. The address of the newspaper is as follows:

. Kingdom of Denmark

Jyllands-Posten newspaper

( +45 87 38 38 38 ) Tel. Fax.

( +45 33 30 30 30 ).


4. Muslim people should contact the Danish ministry of foreign affairs expressing heir dismay with the attitudes and actions of Jyllands-Posten newspaper. They should stress that such actins do not serve the bilateral relations between their countries.

5. Since the Danish officials showed carelessness and indifference about this issue, I believe it is not-befitting to buy any of the Danish products until and unless the Jyllands-Posten newspaper apologize openly and officially for their ill act.

The following is the address of the Danish MOFA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (

2, Asiatisk Plads

DK-1448 Copenhagen K

Tel. +45 33 92 00 00

Fax +45 32 54 05 33



I ask Allah, the Almighty to bless and accept this humble effort defending Allah's Messenger SAAW.

I pray that it would beneficial to all parties concerned.

I pray Allah, the Almighty that He would accept and reward and enable me to be in the close company of Allah's Messenger SAAW on the Day of Judgment.

I ask Allah, the Almighty not to punish us for being negligent concerning the rights of our beloved Prophet and Messenger.

May Allah's peace and blessings be unto his slave-servant Mohammed  so long as the day and the night rotate and so long as people all over the world mention him.

We trust our Lord, Allah, the Almighty with all of our affairs.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

P.O.Box 57242

Dec 7th, 2005

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why do people of faith lack faith and take action into there own hands when they themselve claim to praise the one that makes all things, are all things not of the will of ALLAH or is ALLAH lacking controll ?

Quote:why do people of faith lack faith and take action into there own hands when they themselve claim to praise the one that makes all things, are all things not of the will of ALLAH or is ALLAH lacking controll ?

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