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Day of Arafa

Assalaamu aleikom wa Rahmat Allah!

I have heard that is good to fast The Day of Arafa, so I wonder when is it? Should I fast other days also and if yes what days and why?

Wa salaam



as salam alykom soona

Insh a Allah we expect u to stay this time, we know u r busy with your website. did u post it on the general????

yes it is highly recommended to fast arafa, when: 9th Dhulhijja

we will know when they announce the beginning of dhulhijja.

check this for more detail:



Hurry up brothers and sisters seize the chance, we may never have a Arafa again

This year, the day of Arafa will be on the 9th of January inshaAllah... which is tomorrow inshaAllah.... so don't forget to fast dear brothers and sisters.... and don't forget to make du'a for me! :D


Alhamdulilah for having sisters and brothers to remind us of good deeds and pray for us :), insha'Allah I am fastig tommorrow also, may this year be a good year for all muslims, and may Allah(SWT) raise our Umma up and return it to islam, Allahuma Ameeeeeen ya rab.




Today is A`arfa, Sobhan Allah, when i realize that Allah during this day, manifests Himself in His Attribute the Merficul, and tells the angles that he forgave his devotees who came from all over the world. I get a feeling that I cannt express ever.



Is tomorrow Insh a Allah, hey soona, hope you read this, we miss you.


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