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Da'wah Training Course



Please do come to the course also please pass on the message to your friend.Thanks

Da'wah Training Course, 28th Feb - Manchester


In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Invite (all) unto the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and reason with them in the better way…� (An-Nahl 16:125)

An event not to missed by people involved in Dawah work

(or who wish to do Dawah work)

2nd Da’wah Training Course

“Misconceptions about Islam�

Date: Saturday 28th Feb 2008, 10am-6pm

Venue: UKIM Khizra Masjid,

425 Cheetham Hill Road,

Manchester, M8 0PF

This event is organized in association with Khizra Masjid

Limited places- book early to avoid disappointment

Registration only accepted before Thursday 26th Feb to allow for catering purposes


Da’wah is an obligation on every Muslim man and woman. Yet with 2 million Muslims in the UK , why are there so many misconceptions and so much ignorance of Islam? The answer is that we, as Muslims, are not doing our duty effectively.

This course has been designed to deal with the three most common problems that stop someone doing da’wah effectively – lack of knowledge, lack of confidence and lack of skills necessary to communicate the message of Islam “with wisdom & beautiful preaching.â€�

Course Programme Aims:

To respond to the command of our Lord “Invite (all) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching ...â€� Al Qur’an 16:125

To be familiar with the ideologies prevalent is society today

To give knowledge, confidence & skills in doing practical da’wah

To provide clarity on some of the misconceptions about Islam

To make a network providing regular communication and mutual support

To provide a forum for discussion on common issues and concerns in da’wah

To assist in the dissemination of da’wah literature

To learn how to help new Muslims integrate into the ummah

Course Content

After the highly successful Day 1: Presenting Islam

Completed at Khizra Mosque we are happy to present:-

Day 2: Dealing with Misconceptions about Islam

Content - Knowledge and practical training on misconceptions about:-

· Major Misconceptions

· Women in Islam

· Islam vs Terrorism

· Shari’ah Laws

Practical Skills Training

This will focus mainly on doing 1-2-1 da’wah practically and you will gain practical experience, hints and tips from those who have been doing da’wah for many years.

· Communicating Islam persuasively

· Learning body language

· How to open a conversation on Islam

· How to develop and maintain a discussion

· Dealing with misconceptions persuasively

· How to diffuse anger and negative reactions

Discussion Forum

Throughout the day programme you will have the chance to discuss different da’wah problems and solutions with both the other students and teachers.

Da’wah Literature

You will receive course notes and also a da’wah pack to help you after the course. All material is included in the price.

Day 3: Modern Challenges to Islam

Date – TBC

Content - Knowledge and practical training on dealing with:-

· Atheism & Agnosticism

· Secular Humanism & Moral Relativism

· The Theory of Evolution


Course costs: £10 (employed) & £5 (student/unemployed)

Contact details:

Brs- Samer Salam


M: 07776182621

Srs- Sarah Salam


M: 07900826489

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