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Counselling Fellow Muslims On Humility.

Assalam alaikum,

O Brothers and Sisters in Islam, let us always be humble for humility is the attribute of believers. Beware of pride for Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He, does not like the proud. Those who humble themselves are raised up by Allah, and those who are proud are abased by Him.

Signs of humility which we should imbibe are:--

1) A liking for obscurity.

2) Dislike of fame.

3) Acceptance of truth, be it from a lowly or noble person.

4) Loving the poor and associating with them.

5) Thanking those who fulfil their duties to you and excusing those who remiss.

And the signs of pride that we should avoid are:--

1) Praising oneself and speaking proudly.

2) Open haughtiness.

3) Arrogance.

4) Strutting.

5) Neglecting the rights of others upon you, while demanding your rights from them.


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