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Asslamu Aalykum My Dear Brothers And Sisters

Asslamu Aalykum my dear brothers and sisters......i hope you and your families are all in the best health and eman inshallah....ameen

this is a reminder to you brother and sisters

next wednesday is Arafa day and fasting this day is highly rewarded by Allah (swt)

the Prophet, peace be upon him, was asked about fasting the day of ‘Arafa. He said: It grants remission for the sins of the previous year and of the year to come. (Muslim)

so strive from sunrise to sunset (barely 12 hours) because the reward really deserve a day of Jihad

happy eid adha everyone wa Asslamu Aalykum wa rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh

Jazakallahu khayran


as salam alykom

Jazakum Allah khairan katheeran Qutuz and welcome back where ve u been? all is well with u. We will have to ask u to stay with us brother. such a long time. [Image: smile.gif]



as salam alykom

Let me build up on this topic it is very important. In addition to fasting, spend the whole day from Fajr to Maghreb as much as possible of course. U may eat, use the toilette of course and other life activities [Image: smile.gif] but spend the whole day reciting Quran and saying this dua:

la ilaha ila Allah wahdahu la shareeka lahu lahulmolk walahul hamd wahuwa a`la kol sha`-yen qadeer


Assalamu aleikum,

May Allah, SWT accept the repentance of the believers insha'Allah. And make all of us straight and forward in our faith. May His Mercy shower over the believers.




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