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Apex Primary school

Apex School_Email


Apex Primary school has been established for many years Masha'Allah and is growing in number each year. We were initially based in Barking and only recently we have purchased by the will of Allah (swt) a new building in Argyle Road In Ilford.

'Our Children Our Future' is the first ever Charity Dinner that our school is holding. The dinner will be held at the Hilton Insha'Allah and we will have amongst us Shaikh Haythaim who will be speaking about 'The importance of Islamic Institutions' and Abu Talha on 'The importance of Children's education'.

The aim of the evening is to raise money for the school primarily to pay off the school debt. We also would like to improve the facilities of our children play area Insha'Allah. In order for our children to be successful in academia we need to build upon the resources that we have and to update the technology of our school.

We will be auctioning some beautiful items including Jewellery, paintings, airline tickets to Dubai, signed nasheeds CD'S etc. Please visit the Apex website ( to obtain further information about the event.

Please do all come and support our School. Our children are our future and they are our means to Janaah Insha'Allah.

I have attached the poster of the event below. The details of the venue and how to purchase the tickets are as folllows and written on the poster also:

14th March


Hilton London Metropole Hotel

225 Edgware Road

London W2 1JU

07599 149661

07815 885962

Please do not reply to this email but if you wish to contact us about the event then email us at:

Finally Please visit our website and learn about our school, Insha'Allah.


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