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Adultery – In Biblical And Islamic Terms

According to the Biblical definition, if a married man sleeps with an unmarried woman, this is not considered a crime at all. The married man who has extramarital affairs with unmarried women is not an adulterer and the unmarried women involved with him are not adulteresses. The crime of adultery is committed only when a man, whether married or single, sleeps with a married woman. In this case the man is considered adulterer, even if he is not married, and the woman is considered adulteress. In short, adultery is any illicit sexual intercourse involving a married woman. The extramarital affair of a married man is not per se a crime in the Bible. Why is the dual moral standard? According to Encyclopedia Judaic, the wife was considered to be the husband's possession and adultery constituted a violation of the husband's exclusive right to her; the wife as the husband's possession had no such right to him. That is, if a man had sexual intercourse with a married woman, he would be violating the property of another man and, thus, he should be punished.

To the present day in Israel, if a married man indulges in an extramarital affair with an unmarried woman, his children by that woman are considered legitimate. But, if a married woman has an affair with another man, whether married or not married, her children by that man are not only illegitimate but they are considered bastards and are forbidden to marry any other Jews except converts and other bastards. This ban is handed down to the children's descendants for 10 generations until the taint of adultery is presumably weakened.

Holy Qur’an, on the other hand, never considers any woman to be the possession of any man. Holy Qur’an eloquently describes the relationship between the spouses by saying:

" And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them and He has put love and mercy between your hearts: verily in that are signs for those who reflect" (Qur’an 30:21).

This is the Qura’nic conception of marriage: love, mercy, and tranquility, not possession and double standards.


Hi JohnDoe

Welcome Back [Image: smile.gif]


Assalamu aleikum,

Hi JohnDoe, welcome back.

''So, is stoning to death (lapidation) for adultery (or illicit sex) supported in islam/sharia or not ? It does not seem to be supported in the koran. ''

Yes in the Shari'ah stoning to death can be a penalty if following conditions can be fulfilled:

1. The offender must be sane 2. He must be a Muslim 3. He must be married 4. He must have reached the age of puberty 5. He must be a free man and not a slave.

And Allah knows best.

A tip - restrain from commiting adultery!



Hello John,

Wecome back also. We have covered this topic many times for you and after you stay of banishment [Image: wink.gif] you come back and start all over again. Do you remember anything we tell you about or do you have a selective memory?? The best tip was what the Sister said in the last post. Take care John and if you are here to learn about Islam we have no problem with that. Please try to refrane yourself from going over the same thing over and over.




Hi JohnDoe,

''Did ya miss me ?!! ''

I find it enlightning to discuss if the level is high and polite - and this can be the goal - then fine - last time it became a bit 'out of order' - but we all have grown since then haven't we? [Image: smile.gif]

''But not actually in the koran though.''

Shari'ah is built on the Qur'an

''I am not a muslim, so it doesn't apply to me.''

Perhaps not, but to keep a good moral view of things, it is still an interesting and healthy point, I hope also for others, since all gain from it in the long run [Image: smile.gif]




as salm alykom brothers and sisters on this thread

I d like to clarify something

u know how was JohnDoe able to re log in? he had to change IP add after we updated the ban filter.

Now it seems that he has some sentimental [Image: cool.gif] attachment to this site. Well we can not refuse anyone since Allah gives peopel chances.

But I am very serious in what I am about to say. He was banned 2 times for insulting Allah, then for showing disrespect to our brother Dan.

Im not going to update the ban filter with this new IP and I will wait for John to apologive to Dan. And we turn a new page.

John we will also appreciate if u just take some and browse the forum. As for us Muslims we are so much in terms with all and I repeat ALL contents of Quran, Sunnah and thus sharia. We have no problem Alhamdulelah. We are even so thankful to Allah for being Muslims. For us being Muslims is the source of dignity and suppot.

I am waiting for your reply.




Welcome back John, I thought u will never come back, but then again miracles happen

and Allah only knows the future. [Image: happy.gif] May Allah The Exalted Enlighten your heart

John. Ameeeeeeeeen


Asalamalaykum all

I hope your all doing great InshaAllah.

Let us not dig Johndoe's Past, I mean we all make mistakes, right? He came back now and he seems to be doing well alamdulilah so let us not judge him for what he did in the past.

Also, why should it be a burden to us to answer the same question all over again? Even if it means a hundred times? The prophet SaLaLahu alaihi wasalam used to be asked tons of the same questions and he never got tired of answering them, because he felt like he was serving Allah.

Quote:Thank you Intuition.  [Image: biggrin.gif]

Anytime [Image: biggrin.gif]



Hi JohnDoe,

True, stoning in the Qur'an is not mentioned, but Shari'ah also contains the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, saaws, and there are hadiths that talk about this punishment. Just a thought - most of the stonings during his time was the result of that the adulterers themselves confessed they were guilty, it was not the court that found them guilty.

''My moral views would prevent me from stoning someone to death.''

For once [Image: cool.gif] I agree with you - due to that common man cannot go around and judge or kill someone, it has to be done in a legal way by the court and through a verdict.

Sorry you got me there, I don't know what you have written with cursive letters means ? [Image: unsure.gif]

Have a nice time too, wherever you are...





with all due respect to my sister Intuition. If u can see we didnt allow him as I explained. He had to change IP. And sister even in this I am trying to apply Allah's rules. U r sure aware that Allah Forgives what is in His right. but Does not forgive transgression against other human beings. Unless brother Dan forgives fine. Other wise John has to apologize. It is not a matter of we all make mistakes, it is the matter of respecting a Muslim place. If he can not then fine the door is still open.

We didnt ask him to come in for the first time, neither did we ask him to stay.

About repeating the discussions. I agree with u, but if the question was made by another member, not the same member which does nothing but consuming time and effort when the info is already on the board Alhamdulelah. BUt of course if u r ok with it then fine. It is your choice.

I am still serious about what I posted for which I didnt get a reply from John

John waiting your reply before I lock the thread if u dont give it to me. Although u clearly stated u r not replying except to Umm. I am just being patient as Allah Commanded us to be. and I am not pmeing u for this since your violation was in public. I dont need to pm u. if u dont read this today I am locking the thread. Then u will have to make your apology on another thread.

Hope I am clear now.

Thank u for your attention


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